Profiles and accessories for stretch ceilings
Professional LED lighting

2K-Trade is a Polish company engaged in the development, production and distribution of aluminum profiles for the installation of stretch ceilings, as well as LED profiles and profiles with "shadow connection" for drywall ceilings.

Based on our many years of experience and today’s innovative trends in the construction industry, we create our products of the highest quality according to all possible wishes of our customers and modern tendencies in design and interior decoration.
The range of products we offer is very wide and includes the following:
We deliver our production to many countries of the world from our warehouse, which is located in the center of Poland, in the city of Łódź.
We would be pleased to invite you to cooperate with our company and remain at your disposition for any questions.
We could bring interesting ideas to your house and find the right solution for this!


Profiles for stretch ceilings​

We offer a wide selection of aluminum profiles which are optimally suitable for the installation of stretch ceilings. With our products, you can easily and quickly install a ceiling of any complexity and difficulty.

Light diffusers for LED profiles

We offer special profiles for quick and convenient installation of drywall ceilings and constructions with wide range of applications including the possibility of “shadow connection” of the ceiling to the walls, as well as the option of LED lighting.

Smart home

We offer a system of LED lamps and strips that can be controlled wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. This allows for convenient control of lighting throughout the home, e.g. turning it off from bed, setting lighting scenes for different activities or creating lighting schedules. Smart lighting can also be integrated with other smart home systems.

Accessories, construction and spare parts for stretch ceilings

Wide range of components for manufacturing and installation of stretch ceilings, platforms and rings for light fixture installation, plugs, gags, harpoons, glue, care products and more.

LED lighting

Full range of LED strips, accessories and spare parts, which are ideal for stretch and drywall ceilings and characterized by high quality and durability, as well as energy efficiency.

Easy Ceiling Software

We offer training for people interested in stretch ceiling software. We offer a program that makes it easy to learn and design stretch ceiling systems.

Special profiles for drywall constructions

We offer special profiles for quick and convenient installation of drywall ceilings and constructions with wide range of applications including the possibility of “shadow connection” of the ceiling to the walls, as well as the option of LED lighting.

Magnetic track lighting

We offer modern magnetic track lighting systems specially designed for stretch ceilings. This system consists of rails mounted on the ceiling or wall, to which magnetic lamps, spotlights and spots can be attached.

Insulation and waterproofing

We offer modern thermal insulation solutions for industrial and construction sectors. Our polyurethane foam helps to insulate and seal objects reliably as well as protect against condensation, corrosion and so on. The best choice for any specialist.

Delivery supples

Thanks to cooperation with many logistics companies, we offer our customers optimal delivery options for our products to most countries, taking into account time and costs.

Series Mi-Light. MiBoxer Products.

Mi-Light is a renowned manufacturer of advanced LED controllers, remotes, panels, and power supplies for LED lighting control. The company offers a wide range of products that enable easy expansion of LED installations with intelligent solutions related to the brand, including products like MiBoxer®, Zigbee.

Mi-Light products stand out for their reliable performance and high-quality craftsmanship while providing an attractive price-to-quality ratio. They also serve as an excellent option for creating smart LED lighting that can be easily customized to meet one’s needs and preferences.

Stretch ceilings, aluminium profiles, LED lighting

2K-Trade is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of aluminum profiles for installation of stretch ceilings: basic profiles (wall profiles), shadow profiles, ceiling profiles, curtain rods, profiles for organizing niches and many other useful solutions for installation and maintenance of stretch ceilings. The company’s asset is its Team – specialists with many years of experience in the area of tension ceilings, who can provide you with professional assistance and advice in selecting the necessary profiles and components for the installation of stretch ceilings, as well as help you choose the best solution for the organization of LED lighting in the stretch ceiling (from LED tape to lighting control systems). “2K-Trade” offers a wide range of components for the production of stretch ceilings, such as harpoons, films for cloths, adhesives and more. The company also offers modern high-quality LED lighting with a warranty of up to five years. Thanks to cooperation with such leading companies as MIBOXER, MEAN WELL, etc., we can offer our customers advanced technologies in the organization and control of LED lighting, as well as integration with Smart Home systems thanks to support for communication interfaces such as Zigbee, Tuya, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Dali.