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Magnetic track lighting system - Magnetic light tracks

What is Magnetic Track Lighting? Magnetic LED.

Magnetic track lighting is an innovative system that combines functionality with modern design. It consists of a special track mounted in a stretched ceiling, along which lamps can be freely moved and secured with strong magnets. This construction allows for the easy creation of striking and personalized lighting compositions, perfectly tailored to the individual needs and tastes of users. The system’s flexibility makes changing the arrangement of lamps quick and simple, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate the ability to modify their interior without the need for complicated installation work.

Magnetic Tracks and Power Supply

One of the key aspects of magnetic track lighting is its power supply method. This system operates at a safe voltage of 48V DC, minimizing the risk of electric shock and making it safe even in rooms such as bathrooms. Magnetic tracks can be powered using an external power supply hidden, for example, under a suspended ceiling, or an internal power supply unit mounted inside the track. An external power supply is the best solution when it can be hidden in an inconspicuous place. Alternatively, an internal power supply unit allows the tracks to be connected directly to a 230V installation, which is convenient when there is no space for an external power supply. It is crucial that the power supply is located at the beginning of the track, ensuring stable and safe power for the entire system.

Magnetic Tracks and Installation Method

Installing magnetic track lighting in a stretched ceiling is simple and offers many arrangement possibilities. This system is suitable for installation in any stretched ceiling. Just place the track in the chosen location, securely attach it to the substrate (e.g., to the ceiling using brackets), and then stretch the ceiling. The high-quality aluminum from which the tracks are made guarantees durability and ease of processing, allowing the tracks to be cut to the dimensions of the room. Additionally, magnetic tracks can be connected into longer lines using straight or angled connectors, enabling the creation of more complex lighting arrangements that perfectly fit modern interior designs.

LED Tracklighting in a Magnetic Track

LED lighting in a stretch ceiling is a modern and efficient solution that gives the interior a unique character. LED backlighting perfectly complements the flexibility of the stretch ceiling, creating a harmonious whole. Our offer includes various options such as LED pendant lamps, linear spotlights, and track spots, which allow for creative lighting arrangements. A particularly practical solution is the installation of LED lighting in a magnetic track, which allows for easy repositioning and adjustment of light sources. This way, you can easily change the mood and functionality of the room. LED lighting in a stretch ceiling is a synonym for modernity and style.