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MI-LIGHT FUT092 is an advanced lighting control remote from the Mi-Light series. This remote allows you to control the lighting in four independent zones, offering wide-ranging possibilities for light control in your space.

The product supports both multi-color lights (RGB) and lights with adjustable white tones (CCT). With this remote, you can create various moods and lighting effects. You can adjust color intensity, change the color temperature, and utilize special effects like pulsating or smooth color transitions.

MI-LIGHT FUT092 is equipped with intuitive buttons and a clear display, making it easy to operate and configure your lighting. The remote is also compatible with other products from the Mi-Light series, enabling you to expand your lighting system and synchronize different lighting zones.

MI-LIGHT FUT092 can be used in various spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, or offices to create dynamic and appealing lighting atmospheres. It offers advanced lighting control capabilities, allowing you to customize every detail according to your preferences.

Number of supported zones

4 zone


black, white




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